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In our society many people experience something lacking or hardship, to spend normal life. The best way to overcome it to some extent is to visit them with love & affection. And this is the way to feel humanity as our social duty.
During the Dhanur Maas - a time period to consume mainly for inspirational discourses and social services, with the inspiration of Sadguruvarya Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami, students of Dharmajivan Hostel visited old age home at Motera, Ahmdeabad (20 Dec 2018), underprivileged child centre – Sadvichar School Uvarsad (27 Dec 2018) and Dantali Primary School of rural area (02 Jan 2019).

Students spent warm visit with old aged people and students. They also offered breakfast, daily utensils and educational kits to old aged people and students. Time was very fruitful for both the sides. Pujya Swamiji used to say – humanity and affection with everyone is one of the best ways to serve Almighty.

Shree Dharmajivan Charitable Trust (SGVP Gurukul USA) provide the partial fund for the activity. We are very thankful for the donors who generously donate for the cause.


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