Mr. Frank Polan - visit to Gurukul

  On 8th January, 2004
    SGVP – Chharodi was privileged to welcome,

    Mr. Frank Polan            :    His Excellency Congressmen (U.S.A)

    Messer Seema Singh     :  Chairperson, Asian American Chamber of

                                               commerce (U.S.A)

    Mrs. Neeta Bhasin        :    President, ASB Communication (U.S.A)

    Mr. Sunil Nayak             :    Chairman, Apex Hospitality (U.S.A)

    Dr. Ram Bangalore, Mr. Sunil Sawant, Mr. Suresh Jani


    The Sanskrit Pathshala students welcomed the delegates by Vedic chanting and the students of SGVP International School presented a welcome song. Chairman Sdg. Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami and C.E.O. Sdg. Purani Balkrishnadasji Swami, presented garland to Mr. Frank Polan. Other delegates were honoured in the same way by educators and Swamijis, Principal Mr. Caesar D’Silva gave a welcome speech to give his regards on behalf of the Gurukul family. A wonderful Raas was presented by the students of Memnagar, Gurukul which enthralled the guests. Mr. Frank Polan addressed the audience in a short and sweet manner. In his speech, he praised the structures, its craftsmanship and the facilities available in the campus. He appreciated the purpose with which SGVP is working. He was happy to know that the values inculcated in the students helped them to contribute something productive to the community. He also liked the teaching of the ancient language - Sanskrit and its practice. He mentioned Gujarat as his favourite part of India because of its richness in culture and tradition. The unique feature of SGVP i.e. fusion of ancient values with modern technology also attracted him.  He said, “We are happy to be invited in school that has successfully accomplished all of its goals and values.” He concluded by saying that he and his team members will definitely look forward to pay frequent visits to Gurukul.

    Pujya Swamiji showered his blessings on them and prayed to the Almighty to give strength to develop bridge between different culture and countries. He called Mr. Frank Polan as “frank and favourable to India” and team as blessed with unlimited strength. In turn team paid vote of thanks to Gurukul Family. The delegation was so inspired that the members proposed to form a youth chamber of Asian American students and promised to be helpful to the community. Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji blessed him for grace of Shreeji Maharaj and better services to society. Mr. Polan expressed a highly pleasure on getting blessings from Pujya Shree Jogi Swamiji.

    To make their visit to SGVP memorable, the management decided to inaugurate the basket ball and tennis court by their hands. They were given farewell by presenting shawls as blessings from Swamijis.

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