Falkut Darshan & Distribution

During Dhanur Maas, students are inspired for various benevolent activities as a part of value education, promoted by Pujya Sadguruvarya Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swmai..

One of these is distribution of fruits in hospitals and schools. On January 07, 2018 students offered 2500 Kgs of various kinds of fruits and offered to Shree Ram –Shayam and Shree Ghanshayam Maharaj in from of Falkut.

Students personally visited the civil hospital, schools for disable students and distributes the fruits to sick people at hospital and students as a Prasad of Falkut and prayed for their soon good health.

Students spared 250 hours and distributed 2500 kgs fruits.

For this event, Shree Dharmajivan Charitable Trust ( SGVP Gurukul USA) provide the partial fund for the activity. We are very thankful for the donors who generously donate for the cause.


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