AdavancEd Visitation

Visit of Dr. Rob Leveillee, Vice-President (International Services), AdvancED, USA
Dr. Rob Leveillee, Vice President, International Services, AdvancED, USA visited SGVP International School and Darshanam Sanskrit Mahavidyalay on August 29, 2013.AdvancEd is a global leader in advancing educational excellence through accreditation and school improvement. It is the world’s largest education community, serving more than 35,000 public and private schools in more than 70 countries imparting education to 16 million students.SGVP International School and Darshanam Sanskrti Mahavidyalay are accredited by AdvancEd. After assuming the office, it was the first official visit of Dr. Rob to SGVP. He visited all sections in the SGVP campus and was very much impressed to see the state-of-the-art educational and sports facilities in lush green campus, along with spiritual ambience. He also interacted with teachers and students of School and Mahavidyalay. “I experienced immense peace here and was really impressed by knowing that even traditional subjects are taught using modern methods at SGVP campus.”  -Dr. Rob Leveillee

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